Q. What is Bitcoin Address ?

Generating the private key:

pandemic virus

Suppose , if there was a time machine. Who can control the time to go back and take the necessary actions to prevent that mysterious virus spread and also to catch the main culprit who planned to do so.
Then this year 2020 would have been the best year than the previous year. But we can’t modify the time. …


Color in App

Primary and Secondary color used in material design
color in app visual view

  1. Have Patience be calm and cool .
  2. Be confident and don’t blame yourself for anything.
  3. Start reaching for information regarding the company.
  4. Practice your answers to common topics. Apart from that prepare yourself according to the resume made.
  5. Plan your interview attire the night before.
  6. Arrive 15 minutes early to your interview.
  7. Respect the interviewer by saying good morning or good afternoon based on the current time to get most of importance by the interviewer.
  8. Practice good manners and body language.
  9. Respond truthfully the questions asked.
  10. Say thank you after completing the interview


Professional Developer

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